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The Milton Friedman New York Times Corporate Social Responsibility Debate


Fifty-Years on, four of the world’s leading thinkers on Corporate Social Responsibility debate the merits of Milton Friedman’s controversial 1970 New York Times opinion article entitled, The Social Responsibility is to Increase Profits.

Read: https://www.nytimes.com/1970/09/13/archives/a-friedman-doctrine-the-social-responsibility-of-business-is-to.html

The panel: Professor Brad Cornell, Professor Joanne Ciulla, Professor John Kay, Professor Guido Palazzo. Presenter: Ross Butler.

ESG’s conceptual flaws

ESG – Environmental, social, governance… ‘issues’ is an industry in its own right, claiming $30trn in aum.

But how logical is its conceptual underpinnings? Does it reinforce moral behaviour or preclude it?

This ESG podcast with leading private markets adviser and social responsibility author Cyril Demaria offers a deep and first principles analysis of how ESG plays into the many complexities and ethical decisions faced by investors and fund managers.

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#13 Cyril Demaria

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#13 Cyril Demaria

An internet first: a critical, first-principles discussion on ESG – environmental, social and governance ‘issues’, with Cyril Demaria, a leading private markets adviser and author on socially responsible investment.