Author: Ross Butler

Bob Long, Conversus

Bob Long on making private equity liquid and accessible

Bob Long originally listed Conversus Capital in Europe in 2017, and it was the largest publicly traded private equity vehicle of its day.

He recently relaunched the Conversus brand within the private markets giant Stepstone, and together they have launched a new liquid evergreen private equity vehicle that appears to solve the discount problem that plagues listed private equity, and that’s a tough problem to solve.

If you prefer, the podcast (audio-only version) is here.



Simon Witney on Fund Shack

Simon Witney, Travers Smith: sustainability rules and corporate governance

Simon Witney is probably the best-known private equity lawyer in Europe. He is currently a senior consultant at Travis Smith where he spends much of his time advising clients on sustainability. He has been chairman of the BVCA’s Legal and accounting committee and Invest Europe’s Tax legal and regulatory committee. He is a visiting professor in practice in the law department of the London School of Economics, where he teaches. And he has a new book out published by Cambridge university, press called Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment in Private Equity.

Our conversation is in two parts. Firstly, we look at the new sustainability regulations and what they mean for companies and investors. And then we go on to look at corporate governance itself.

If you prefer, the podcast (audio-only version) is here.



Carl Bradshaw

Carl Bradshaw, Goodwin

Carl Bradshaw is a partner in the law firm Goodwin’s private equity group. Carl is based in London and has advised European, American and Asian private equity sponsors on a wide range of transactions, including cross border LBOs, public to privates, co-investments and special situations.

We talked in late March 2021 about deal appetite going into the second quarter of 2021 new deal-making processes and the rise of the special purpose acquisition company.

You can listen to the podcast (audio-only version) including transcript, here.

Patrick Sheehan

“Sustainable prosperity” with Patrick Sheehan of ETF Partners

Patrick Sheehan of ETF Partners talks to Ross Butler about creating sustainable prosperity with venture capital.

Patrick Sheehan is a founding partner of ETF Partners, a leading European growth capital firm investing in innovative companies that have the potential to create a more sustainable future.

Patrick is a true global venture capital veteran, having started at 3i in the mid-1980s, he set up 3i’s Silicon Valley office in 1999, before returning to Europe to launch what was then ‘the Environmental Technologies Fund’ in 2006, a year that he refers to as ‘decade too soon.’

Hendrik Brandis

Hendrik Brandis, Earlybird Venture Capital


Hendrik Brandis is co-founder and partner at Earlybird Venture Capital, a leading early-stage investor operating across Western and Eastern Europe from offices in Munich, Berlin and Istanbul.

Hendrik is an advocate of European venture capital as an asset class, and walks the walk. In this venture capital podcast, we discuss how he led the first all-European round of financing for a space rocket company, Isar Aerospace. We discuss the European venture opportunity, innovation, Earlybird’s development (2020 was ‘the best year’ in their history), fund structures and governance, and supporting immigrant entrepreneurs.



Vania Schlogel, Atwater Capital

Vania Schlogel is managing partner and founder of Atwater Capital, a Los Angeles based international private equity firm specialising in media and entertainment. Vania is a Goldman Sachs and KKR alumna, she was CIO of Jay-Z’s entertainment agency Roc Nation, and she now sits on the boards of media & entertainment companies across the US, Europe and Asia.

In this private equity podcast, we discuss backing creative industry entrepreneurs, South Korea as an Asian launchpad, content creation in the age of Netflix and partnering with big buyout firms across Europe and the US.




The Milton Friedman New York Times Corporate Social Responsibility Debate


Fifty-Years on, four of the world’s leading thinkers on Corporate Social Responsibility debate the merits of Milton Friedman’s controversial 1970 New York Times opinion article entitled, The Social Responsibility is to Increase Profits.


The panel: Professor Brad Cornell, Professor Joanne Ciulla, Professor John Kay, Professor Guido Palazzo. Presenter: Ross Butler.

Avi Turetsky, Landmark Partners

In June 2020, Landmark Partners and New Mexico PERA published a paper outlining a new methodology for calculating private equity performance in dollars, called the Excess Value Method.

In this private equity podcast, co-author Avi Turetsky, talks about how the method was conceived, how it works, can be applied, and the outlook for its adoption as a measurement and incentive payment tool for the global private equity industry.



Wol Kolade

Wol Kolade, Livingbridge

Wol Kolade is managing partner of Livingbridge, an international mid-market firm, headquartered in the UK and with offices in Melbourne and Boston. Wol joined the firm’s predecessor in 1993 and he led the buyout of the firm in 2005. This private equity podcast was recorded on July 20th 2020.


On Covid-19 impact:

“We’ve never seen anything like this. It’s an enforced shutdown of circa a third of the economy with no real plan and little or no notice… [but] our portfolio looks ok.”

“It’s no use wishing for what was. You just need to adjust.”

“There’s no prize for not taking government support.”

“The whole way we look at health and health security has changed. You need to play into that area and understand, in five years time, what might happen. The whole emphasis of healthcare has been on treatment.”


On opportunity:

“The joy of being in the entrepreneur-driven market is that things are always reshaping and reforming.”

“We’re changing what we do, how we consume, how we deliver services, it’s super super exciting.”

“On the US Eastern seaboard, there are 50,000 private companies that make profits of $1m-10m. There is so much to do.”