Wol Kolade, Livingbridge

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Wol Kolade is managing partner of Livingbridge, an international mid-market firm, headquartered in the UK and with offices in Melbourne and Boston. Wol joined the firm’s predecessor in 1993 and he led the buyout of the firm in 2005. This private equity podcast was recorded on July 20th 2020.


On Covid-19 impact:

“We’ve never seen anything like this. It’s an enforced shutdown of circa a third of the economy with no real plan and little or no notice… [but] our portfolio looks ok.”

“It’s no use wishing for what was. You just need to adjust.”

“There’s no prize for not taking government support.”

“The whole way we look at health and health security has changed. You need to play into that area and understand, in five years time, what might happen. The whole emphasis of healthcare has been on treatment.”


On opportunity:

“The joy of being in the entrepreneur-driven market is that things are always reshaping and reforming.”

“We’re changing what we do, how we consume, how we deliver services, it’s super super exciting.”

“On the US Eastern seaboard, there are 50,000 private companies that make profits of $1m-10m. There is so much to do.”