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July 4, 2024

The state of private equity in 2024, with Jim Strang – what you need to know

Jim Strang, serial private equity NXD and chairman of Hg Capital Trust, discusses the complexities of the private equity landscape on the Fund Shack podcast.

Fundraising and Market Dynamics: Market Polarization: Large platforms and top-performing specialists continue to raise significant capital, while mid-sized players face extended fundraising cycles.

Liquidity Challenges: Investors are managing overexposure from the 2021 boom, causing liquidity issues across different regions.

GP Strategy and Growth: Clear Ambitions: GPs focus on defining clear ambitions and achieving team alignment.

Strategic Growth: Balancing ambition with operational capacity, strategies range from maintaining a single focus to expanding into adjacent areas through M&A.

Wealth Market and Semi-Liquid Structures

Growing Market: Wealth market growth through semi-liquid structures designed for high-net-worth individuals.

NAV-Based Exposure: These structures offer accessible entry points for private market investments, requiring careful liquidity management.

ESG and Cybersecurity: Central to Strategy: ESG considerations driven by investor demand and talent acquisition needs.

Top Risk: Cybersecurity remains a top risk, with firms prioritizing mitigation measures to protect portfolios.

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