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#23 Simon Witney on sustainability rules and corporate governance

Fund Shack private equity podcast
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#23 Simon Witney on sustainability rules and corporate governance

Simon Witney on sustainability and corporate governance.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Simon Witney, who’s probably the best known private equity lawyer in Europe. He’s currently a senior consultant at Travis Smith where he spends much of his time advising clients on sustainability. He’s been chairman of the BVCA’s Legal and accounting committee and Invest Europe’s Tax legal and regulatory committee. He is a visiting professor in practice in the law department of the London School of Economics, where he teaches.

And he has a new book out published by Cambridge university, press called Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment in Private Equity. Our conversation is in two parts. Firstly, we look at the new sustainability regulations and what they mean for companies and investors. And then we go on to look at corporate governance itself.