Mark Tluszcz of Mangrove Capital Partners


Mark Tluszcz is co-founder and CEO of Mangrove Capital Partners. Mark is one of Europe’s leading venture capitalists. He was the first investor in Skype and is currently chairman of Nasdaq-listed Wix, which is trading on Nasdaq at $11bn, and I recommend his blogsite, dare to dream beyond.

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Venture capital podcast: best quotes from Mark

“Do it in Europe, stay home and believe in yourself.”

On Skype: “The only criticism I have of myself … is that maybe we should have been more generous in parsing the options. We’ve changed that now. At Wix we have 250 dollar millionaires [or one out of eight employees]”.

On Covid-19: “Our number one message: make sure you have enough capital on your balance sheet, however you get there… enough cash until December 2021.”

“It takes 5-10 years to build companies, so what is three months in a 5 to 10 year journey. We will look back and say this was a blip in the life of a successful fund.”

On healthcare: “We think we can automate what a general practitioner does.”

“Flo is a great example. I don’t think any doctor above 40 would have thought it was a good idea.”

On dinosaurs: “The keyboard is gone in 5 to 10 years.”

“We think there is going to be, somewhere in the world, a Netflix for voice.”

On investing: “Anyone you finance now will remember you forever.”