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April 25, 2024

Central Europe buyouts: a surprisingly big opportunity. With Robert Knorr

MidEuropa pioneered private equity buyout investing in Central Europe, launching in 1999. Robert Knorr has been a partner since 2007. He was recently awarded Private Equity Mid Market Leader of the Year at the Real Deals private equity awards for his pivotal role in investment in the region. In this podcast he talks to Ross Butler about opportunities from Poland to the Med, and a very big win in Romania with Profi.

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In this episode of the Fund Shack podcast, Ross Butler interviews Robert Knorr, Managing Partner at MidEuropa, to explore the firm’s pioneering role in private equity investment across Central Europe. MidEuropa, established in 1999, has become a key player in the region, transitioning from venture capital to buyout funds. The discussion highlights their strategic focus on sectors such as consumer goods, healthcare, and technology, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and digitalization in their investment strategies.


1) Private Equity and Buyout Funds: MidEuropa has been instrumental in shaping the private equity landscape in Central Europe. Their transition from venture capital to buyout funds has been a strategic move to capitalize on the region’s economic development and emerging markets.

2) Investment and Economic Development: The firm’s investments have significantly contributed to the economic transition and development of Central European countries, integrating them into the broader European Union market.

3) Sector Focus: MidEuropa targets consumer goods, healthcare, and technology sectors, areas that offer high growth potential and align with their strategic investment goals. Sustainability and Digitalization: Emphasizing sustainability, MidEuropa promotes energy transition and sustainable practices. They also leverage digitalization to enhance business services and operations.

4) Corporate Carve-Outs and Cross-Border Investments: The firm has successfully executed corporate carve-outs and cross-border investments, demonstrating their expertise in managing complex mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

5) Nearshoring: Leveraging the talent pool in Central Europe, MidEuropa facilitates nearshoring of services, providing cost-effective and high-quality business services.

6) Financial Returns and Investor Relations: The episode details MidEuropa’s approach to delivering strong financial returns and maintaining robust investor relations.

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